Guitar Lessons, Guitar Teacher offering Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar and Bass Guitar Tuition, Oakwood, North and Central London
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Guitar Lessons, Guitar Teacher offering Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar and Bass Guitar Tuition, West Finchley, North and Central London

Why do you need a guitar teacher?

The short answer is: personal attention to your playing. As a trained teacher with years of experience I can give you focused and instantaneous feedback. I pride myself on attention to detail and helping students fine-tune their playing. The insight and encouragement you get from 1-1 lessons will help you improve much faster than struggling with videos and books by yourself.

Guitar lessons are tailored to you and your musical ambitions. Below are some of the topics you can expect to cover during your guitar lessons, all tailored to your personal goals!

Learn the songs you want to play! All styles covered from pop and rock through to metal, blues, funk, finger-style and jazz.
Develop speed and accuracy in your rhythm and lead ‘chops’. Learn the correct way to practice. Build your own library of licks and an individual playing style. Learn legato, alternate and economy picking, tapping, sweep picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs, fingerstyle/folk picking, syncopated rhythms, odd time signatures and more!
Basic major scale theory, arpeggios, music reading, sight reading, basic and advanced chord theory, exotic chords, chord substitution, pentatonic scales, the CAGED system, modes, modal interchange, song analysis, ear training and more!
Learn effective tools which will help you craft songs from initial ideas to fully realised compositions. Learn how to construct and arrange lyrics, melody and harmony so they work together.

Learn creative improvisation techniques; lyrical playing, melodic playing, scale choices, following chord changes, 'outside' playing, etc.

Learn effective use of FX pedals. Stomp boxes, wah, modulation, delay, whammy, etc.
Learn stage techniques and pro tricks. Be prepared to gig. Learn to sing and play guitar simultaneously.
Recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. Learn to use DAWS like Cubase Pro, Ableton Live and Reason. Make beats using NI Komplete and Maschine. Use plugins, midi and synthesisers. Learn how to record vocals, guitar, use amp modelling software, and much more.

Enter RGT, RSL, Rockschool exams and work through a carefully graded system.
Learn key vocal warm up exercises and proper use of technique. Build power and extend your range both higher and lower. Learn how to safely distort the voice and scream without hurting yourself.

● 1 to 1 guitar lessons are usually 1 hour long.

● Most students benefit from the discipline of having their guitar lessons on a weekly basis. This keeps your experience of the instrument interesting and also encourages regular practice, which in turn encourages quick progress! If you have any questions regarding guitar lessons please contact me to discuss them.

Lessons available online and in person.
To book a guitar lesson call James on 07776 371 463 (UK)

For all non-UK enquiries please email:

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